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Welcome to the GameDevForge!
I'm Lewis a Senior Gameplay Developer currently working at BULKHEAD. I have put together this learning resource for both aspiring and professional game developers. Resources range from basic to advanced topics.

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Create a basic 2D game engine using java starting from a simple hello-world project.


How to store, manage and branch your projects. We will use GitBash and/or SourceTree to manage your Git repositories.


How to manage memory, computer architecture and much more! Create a 3D game engine using DirectX and Vulkan.


Visual Studio

General project management and config leading to more advanced features and Debugging pratices.

Unreal Engine 5

How make games, create re-usable assets and plugins using the latest game development practices like Data Driven Development.


How to host and manage your own Perforce server such as shelves, streams, etc.